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Although an open plan is especially associated with very modern designs it’s not entirely new. Frank Lloyd Wright, who coined the term organic architecture, first implemented the concept of an open floor plan. The idea of organic architecture refers to how a design is carefully thought out and becomes a unified interrelated composition. Like with many designs it is interesting to see them evolve and come full circle. Exposed ceilings open the area, creating a more integrated experience for the occupants. Offices benefit from the design by creating a team environment. Restaurants create an atmosphere of modern and expansive entertainment.

Today, all kinds of projects are being built with free-flowing layouts made up of sleek hard surfaces juxtaposed with raw materials. Bare trusses, exposed concrete, and metal decking are being added to the mix creating a modern and open feeling in today’s design whether in entertainment venues, classrooms, offices, or restaurants. However, with this trend, noise is a factor. The hard surfaces reflect sound and require careful consideration to combat this. Often the perfect contrast to this, both aesthetically and practically, is spray-applied sound control.  

photo: Pernod Ricard - Amsterdam  | architect: VASD interieur & architectuur


K-13 and the products manufactured by ICC are available in any custom color. Depending on your particular aesthetic and noise control goals, texture is an option you can't overlook. For a more natural look, we recommend K-13. K-13 is available in seven standard colors and any other custom color. The natural finish provides more thermal resistance while reducing the reverberation of the area. For a more refined texture with all of the benefits of sound control and the added color options, SonaSpray "fc" is a product that is both versatile and beautiful. This is why SonaSpray "fc" is used frequently in restaurants and offices. For the most refined plaster-like finish, SonaKrete is offered again with both exceptional sound control and custom color possibilities. With SonaKrete, sound control can be added to a room without changing the original design. For this reason, SonaKrete is often used in historical renovations.


With spray-applied application, repurposing and renovation of an area is simple. Often a venue needs only a short time to optimize the space with sound control. For new construction, application is an even easier consideration. Additionally, K-13 and the family of products available from ICC, adhere to almost any properly prepared substrate in any configuration. Concrete, glass, metal decking, waffle ceilings, and open-trusses are just a few of the possible considerations. Finally, in order to deliver a quality and trusted product, all installers of K-13 and ICC’s products are certified with the manufacturer.


ICC’s family of products are manufactured with a minimum of 80% recycled materials. The adhesive used to apply K-13 has a VOC content of < 1.0 gm/l. Because of the green way these products are manufactured and installed, ICC’s products may help a project qualify for LEED credits.


K-13 was developed over 50 years ago and since has been specified in countless buildings internationally. K-13 has a Class A, Class One fire approval rating. In addition, K-13 is a UL Certified product and has been continuously since 1966 as well as Factory Mutual Approved. K-13 and ICC’s family of products have been independently tested to assure the highest quality and safest sound control finishes and thermal insulations available.